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Face Masks are extremely essential to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Everyone stresses upon the importance of wearing the mask correctly to prevent the infection. But disposing of these face masks are as important or even more important to block the risk of the infection spreading.

But, are we disposing the face masks properly? No, news across the world says a different story. Gloves & used masks are being disposed off wherever possible as people are not aware of the risks it can carry.

Why is it important to dispose the mask properly? Let’s look at the risks of not disposing face masks properly:

It is important that we dispose the used masks, gloves properly and help avoid the spread of infections. Otherwise, the virus could survive on the mask for a long time and when exposed can pose a potential health hazard to people who either touch it or come in contact with it. Some people are picking up the used masks and reusing them which is putting their life in danger. The disposed masks, gloves could be a potential source for the spread of the deadly contagious virus.

Challenges –

1) The disposed masks, gloves, tissues, etc., should be treated as medical waste. But there is no mechanism for collecting and disposing of these currently.

2) Ignorance of a lot of people that the disposed masks can be reused.

Solution –

1) Use reusable cloth masks that can be washed, dried and reused.

2) Proper guidelines from the medical fraternity and reiterated by the Government in proper disposal of used masks, gloves, tissues.

3) People should be more responsible and ensure that they do not cause the virus to spread.

4) Each person should have their own masks and not share among family members.

5) Decontaminate the used masks, gloves etc, with sanitizer, cut them and dispose them in separate bags and not mix them with household stuff.


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