Lactobacillus (LAB) And Exercise

Lactobacillus (LAB)…

Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide health benefits when consumed, generally by improving or restoring the Gut flora. Probiotics occur naturally in fermented food products

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Who Fired The First Bullet!

Who Fired The…

The Nation is struggling to cope with the explosion of Covid cases while the usual blame game is being played. When a house is on fire, it’s more important to put out the fire

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Fears And Dreams

Fears And Dreams

Fear is probably humankind’s most ancient instinct, the sheer difficulties and uncertainties of life before civilization began, would have required the ever-present element of fear.

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Life Is A Game Of Time

Life Is A Game…

Everything comes to those who wait – says the old proverb. Is that true? Well, the longer you live, the better your chances of getting what you desire. You may think “not really” but if...

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Gut Health

10 Billion To 120…

We all are aware of the term “gut feeling” which we feel when we experience nervousness, anxiety or stress. Our gut knows what we think and feel. The gastrointestinal system or the

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Nasal Health

Nasal Health

Many air borne virus, bacteria and cold allergies and now covid virus enter through the nose and we need to know about the same.It is important to maintain the nasal hygiene and

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Why You Need to Get Up and Exercise NOW!

Why You Need to…

We all know the importance and benefits of exercise. Exercise builds your muscles, gets you those six-pack abs, makes your blood flow better, makes you stronger and more confident. There are

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Change in Lifestyle Patterns and How It Is Impacting Health

Change in Lifestyle…

Lifestyle is all about the day to day choices we make: exercise, work, food, and daily activities. Our lifestyle plays an important role in maintaining our health. A healthy lifestyle is important for every person

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What makes the Indian diet a healthy one?

What makes the…

We all love our moms' haath ka khaana. Be it the Makke ki Roti with Sarso ka Saag or aromatic Biriyani, we just drool. Paranthas smeared with fresh butter or fluffy Idlis with piping hot...

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Benefits of Chia

Benefits of Chia

Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) was originated from Mexico and Guatemala and has been consumed as food for about 5500 years. Aztecs and Mayas people used chia seeds as whole and grounded form along with

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Healthy beginnings: How to start healthy eating for children early

Healthy beginnings:

What does your dinner table look like? Are your breakfast scenes all about convincing the kids to finish their veggies off their plate and have ghee instead of processed jam, and ketchup with their Rotis/Paranthas?

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The Importance Of Fibre: Healthy Gut, Healthy You

The Importance Of…

We require a good combination of macronutrients and micronutrients for a healthy body. Fibre is one of those macronutrients (carbohydrate) that plays a key role in our good health,

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Why Antioxidants are Important for you.

Why Antioxidants are..

Why Antioxidants are Important for You Do you exercise regularly? Do you live/ work in a polluted area? Do you smoke cigarettes? Okay, maybe you don’t do any of these things. But: does your body...

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9 Elements of Nature

9 Elements Of Nature

Nature has provided the elements to human beings to live a life of 100 years. But due to our own choices of not exercising regularly and not consuming the right quality and quantity of food,...

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The immune system

The Immune System

The immune system consists of organs, cells, and secreted chemicals that fight infection (microbes). The main components of the immune system include white blood cells, antibodies,

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Disposal Of Face Masks

Disposal of masks

Face Masks are extremely essential to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Everyone stresses the importance of wearing the mask correctly to prevent the infection. But disposing of these face masks

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency And How To Overcome It

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 is one of the eight B vitamins, that is water-soluble, the largest, and structurally most complex vitamin. It is naturally found in animal foods and several dairy products. Also, some varieties

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Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Health Benefits of…

Do you know what empowers us Indians the most when it comes to our kitchen? Well, it’s what we house in our cabins as our everyday spices. So, whether it is the seeds of cumin,...

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vitamin c

Vitamin C

Don’t we all remember this one thing, if not everything from our junior school science That the deficiency of Vitamin C can cause Scurvy, which is a disease of bleeding gums; and that it mostly...

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